I'll sew it - thank you very much!

Do you ever feel like NOT writing thank you cards?  (Holy housewife gasp!)  Well, sometimes it's just not that fun, alright?  But these adorable (and easy) sewn thank you cards make us so excited we have to share.  

Our original inspiration came from SeattleSeedling where you can purchase similar sewn cards.  But if you decide to do it yourself, it really couldn't be easier!  We had a basket of fabric scraps left from the darling bridal shower that Betsy and Tracey hosted for Jasmine in 2013.  Cut with craft scissors they made the perfect mix of patterns for our "flags".


Next we printed "Thank You" onto some blank cards we purchased from Staples.  


Out of the closet came the sewing machine and we threaded it with orange thread.  Any color would work, we just like orange!  


First we taped the little flags onto the card.  Next we just used a simple stitch to sew them right on.  We pulled off the tape, trimmed the loose strings, and it's as simple as that!  Here is the finished product...


And a few more views...